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To respect and assure my clients, partners and colleagues confidence and privacy, no project related post or updates will be shared, unless authorised to do so by all parties involved. This section of the website is to share with everyone; updates, status, news and things of interest which I think could be useful. If there are any post which you believe offends or makes people “unhappy” please drop me a message and I will take it down!


A space to keep everyone in the loop. I will be updating this page when things pop’s up, and potentially incoporating a social media feed here. So please stay tuned to this page.

21st April 2018

New Website again...

... well not quite.... I’ve been wanting to revise this website into a fully "responsive" website for a while (works and responds differentlly when viewed on desktop, tablet and mobile devices). Well finally here it is! Feel free to drop me a message on how you feel about it. Thanks Sanji Chan for your help with this!

18th April 2018

HKTDC Electronic Spring Fair 2018 & 123 Canton Fair 2018

It was nice to see everyone (new and familiar faces). Just been informed I have been attending these shows since 2006 (time flies). In a nutshell; In comparison to previous years, both shows were more "technology" and "gadget" orientated with the primary focus on products such as drones, robotics, speakers and wearable technology. But there were several pretty interesting and promising concepts which can be seen floating around.

1st March 2018

Agreement updates

I am excited to inform you all, after recieving alot of demand recentlly, I will be returning to take on freelance/ contract product development service and consultation work, please message me for new updated project agreement, project brief and project rate card. If you have any question or queries please do not hesistate to contact me or catch me during the upcoming Hong Kong Electronic Fair and Canton Fair (please drop me a text or email to set a time) . I will be at the Hong Kong Fair 13th-14th April 2018, and at the Canton Fair 15th-16th April 2018. I look forward to seeing you all!

innovative solutions

16th November 2017


Congratulations to Dominic “Coffee Guy” for graduating his BSc in Geographical Science aswell as accepting numerous awards including his Silver 5 with Teemo! Last and definetlly not least! A big shoutout to the 2015 January MBA & MCMI cohort graduates who I had the absolute pleasure working with (some of the best people I have worked with academiclly and professionally; you guys know who you are)!

1st January 2017

Back to Hong Kong

I have accepted a new post, as of 4th January I will be taken on a new exciting challenge as Creative Manager for Maxx Makes Great/ Maxx Market (A WPP Company), where I will once again be located to Hong Kong! I look forward to working with the new team.

14th November 2017

MBA & MCMI graduation @ Sheffield Business School

MBA (Master in Business Administration) & MCMI (Member of Chartered Management Institute) studies at Sheffield Business School has finally and officially come to an end.

Thank you for everyones support, time and patient during this period of absent from the industry (exspecially the people in this photo, without you guys constant support, this would not have been possible!), I look forward to working and catching up with you all soon.

8th August 2016

New Website

After many hours of self teaching Adobe Dreamweaver, HTML, CSS and JS(stressing out in general), I am excited to finally debut my new beta website ""; a website to update, showcase and connect with you all.

18th June 2016

Returning to the industry

“Don’t call it a a come back, i’ve been here for year”... MBA & MCMI "academic" studies is now coming to an end, I am excited to inform you all, I am now returning to the product development industry. I look forward to seeing and catching up with you all soon.

8th April 2016

MBA dissertation "How is value utilised across collaborative product development"

My final and major “master-piece” MBA "qualitative case study" (dissertation) on "how is value utilised across collaborative product development between Chinese manufacturers and international buyers (manufacturers ODM)?" has finally been completed (40 000+ words)!

Why have I selected this topic as my major piece?

The purpose of the MBA & MCMI is not to simply add on an extra two titles behind my name (even though it is pretty cool), but an opportunity to reflect, enhance and align my leadership skills to the 21st century dynamic enviroment whilst exploring and sharing key factors which I have experienced within the product development and manufacturing sector whilst working in China "establishing the source of value generated across collaborative product development (manufacturer ODM) between Chinese manufacturers and international buyers" and "influence of value, across collaborative produce development (manufacturers ODM) between Chinese manufacturers and international buyers".

This thesis was not purely for the MBA or MCMI; but a piece of research with is beneficial and applicable to real-life product and business development process scenrios.