Product Development Service
“...great sense of style
and a clear understanding...”

Customers do not buy goods or services

but buys offerings which renders services to create “value”.

Creating and developing products which are not restricted to personal creative expression, but driven by personal passion that an effective products requires to be accesible, consumer centered, market, service and experience orientatated.

“ of the best people to
be working with. His dedication
to complete the task at hand
with zeal and precision is unparalleled”

Examples of clients and brands I have partnered with

International experience and success with globally recognised brands, many of which you may recognise.

Many product which I have developed with/ for these brands are now available globally, and can be found in many major retailers/ distributors such as Tesco, Asda, Target, Walmart, Bed Bath Beyond, Home Depot, Toys “R” Us, Six Flags, online via Amazon, Rakuten and even in a Argos catalogue.


As there has been way too many project which I have been inovolved with, it would be almost impossible to list everyone, the below are a few shortlisted examples which I would like to share with you all (it is important that I respect my clients and all parties involved in the projects confidentiality; therefore any projects which are under development will not be shown). Examples selected and displayed here are projects which were and still are important to me on a personal level, this includes; my first product to be manufactured and sold, the electric kettle which held the title as “the most premium electric kettle in China” to a electric living fan which became the “most popular (best selling) electric AC fan in Japan 2014-2015”.

All the above products were succefully developed and sold globally.

Like with every product I’ve had the pleasure to develop, each and everyone of these products are important to me, each with its own unique story , meanings and core values.


To give a better insight and understanding of how I work; below are some references from partners, colleagues and clients of whom I had the pleasure to work with.